Smartroom VDR Review

Today businesses are looking for and implementing systems for centralized storage of sensitive corporate data with fast access and a high level of protection. So, this article is an overview of a Smartroom virtual data room as a perfect alternative to such systems.

How does virtual data room optimize business operations?

Nowadays large amounts of business data and their heterogeneity require new approaches to storing them using cloud technologies. Analysis of trends in the digital market shows that cloud technologies are becoming increasingly popular and allow based on multidimensional structures consisting of many clouds, to solve most of the marketing problems.

Deal management is a core business function. It covers both operational and legal issues and underpins all business relationships, from the customer, supplier, and partner relationships to employee relationships. But for many companies, the most important operational task, deal management, remains manual and paper, and therefore, time-consuming and inefficient.

Optimizing the flow of documents and providing access to electronic images of documents via data room software allows you to solve the problem of physical storage of papers by digitizing them and reducing the cost of doing business. The sharing of electronic record-keeping systems and information repositories allows you to organize and combine information, which facilitates its analysis and reporting.

Virtual data room (VDR) is a digital repository based on SharePoint technology for storing customer information, tracking document usage history, and quick search. It is a tool for solving business problems of the organization, which allows:

  • streamline documents and simplify archiving procedures
  • increase the speed and quality of customer service,
  • protect access to corporate information,
  • increase the efficiency of employees.

There are a sufficient number of different VDR solutions in the IT market, each of them has a worthy history, and its market segment, the needs of which these solutions cover. One of the leaders in this segment is Smartroom data room.

Smartroom VDR: move your deals into the digital workspace

SmartRoom is a next-generation virtual data room that was designed to deliver greater efficiency and bank-grade security for file sharing and collaboration. The system standardizes and automates all stages of deal management – from requests for contracts to their signing using electronic signatures.

The data room system scans and automatically indexes each document, sending notifications to responsible employees, parties, and signatories. All deals are stored in a single digital repository. All the necessary information is at the distance of one button – from a contextual search for the content of the entire contract to the analysis of conditions, its cost, and parameters. Besides, the SmartRoom system sends notifications about deadlines, approvals, changes, or cancellations to the responsible persons to make the most efficient use of all the benefits of the contract and to prevent risks.

Smartroom solution complies with data protection regulations: it offers user management capabilities with subsequent authentication for access, watermarks, data encryption, and access control.

Smartroom VDR enables the following benefits:

  • maximum data protection through secure archiving and document approval;
  • compliance with deadlines due to automatic reminders;
  • improved transparency through centralized deal management;
  • document version control;
  • saving money by quickly finding and using all the benefits of the contract;
  • tracking of all documents related to each contract, such as emails, protocols, performance indicators, etc.;
  • a single secure data repository and reliable protected collaborative environment;
  • the electronic archive integrates customer information, agreements, contracts, inquiries, reports, and includes services for integration with other company systems.
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